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Cosmic Shimmer Shimmer Shakers

Shimmer Shakers are a dry powder formula that can be combined with water to create stunning colourful effects. Combine with any Cosmic Shimmer products to enhance their impact, mix colours to create eye-catching variations, and let dry for a shimmery mica finish. 

The powder is contained in a uniquely-designed bottle with a secure flip-top within the screw cap. This keeps the product secure (no messy spills!) and allows for a controlled application, so no product is wasted where you don't want it to be.

We have a range of 20 gorgeous colours, designed by Phill Martin, to bring any idea you have to life.


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Cosmic Shimmer - Shimmer Shakers - Denim Dash

Cosmic Shimmer - Shimmer Shakers - Denim Dash£2.79

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