Heartfelt Creations - Cascading Fuchsia Collection



Crafting dissolves mountains of stress brought on by our everyday cares and busy lifestyles. We all need a way to find relief from the cares of the world, the stress of our jobs and the constant demands of life...

Well, Heartfelt Creations invites you to join us for a stroll through a quaint cottage garden where your cares will melt away and your creative energy will be refreshed and renewed. The Cascading Fuchsia Collection of stamps, dies and papers is bursting with lush greenery and exquisite beauty. Here, you'll find pendant shaped clusters of show-stopping pink, purple and magenta blossoms that are also called "Angel's Earrings." Graceful vines, lacy patterns, flitting butterflies, shady bowers and delicate latticework come together and form this restful haven. It's a celebration of the simple things that fill this moment in time with wonder and spontaneous joy. Cascading Fuchsia: It's a flawless garden of peerless delight and a creative sanctuary for the artist in you.

- See more at: https://www.heartfeltcreations.us/collections.php?c=2015-may-cascadingfuchsia#sthash.D4Tan5Xg.dpuf
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